Consuming Video Services

You Tube has become huge, when it comes to delivering video services to users, there are literally so many videos stored online that you can learn to fix and or repair just about any problem you can imagine.

From Cars to Home Repairs. 

You can save big money doing your own repairs, (provided that you are at least mechanically inclined) as an example on a 2001 buick regal which had a bad catalytic converter,  we took the car to three muffler shops and the average cost was almost $800.00

We found the part on Ebay for just $177.00

Save Big Money buying parts here.


The truth about Auto Parts is that you are paying on average 300 percent higher prices in your local area than you can get by shopping on Ebay…


Video consumption

Video is hot and has been since Youtube took off years ago and it is not going to slow down.

People like video.

They like to see what other people see, they like to watch people being people.

When you watch that video you find that the more you watch the more you want to watch.

Video can literally take up hours of your life.

Video production

What does it take to get that great moment on video is it really just luck or is it more skill…

Getting that great video moment on disk…

You may have seen great video sensations online and you probably have thought about making your own but you often find that your videos just do not seem to have that same pizazz that many others have.

There could be a number of reason why from the camera or video product your using to the software that you use to process your video.

Processing your video can also be a tricky science, (sometimes also called workflow)

Work flow many times can vary depending on the quality of the video you produce.

If you are on a slow internet connection it can take forever to upload a video so you might want to reduce the quality or the type of video your computer software exports.


How good is your workflow?

There are many different types of work flow to choose from…

size, quality, formatting, are just a few options, depending on the type of software you are using to process and output your video you may have more choices than you realize.

Developing better assets.

You can have the best software in the world and if you are not sure how to properly format your video for production, what you have spent hours making work could end up looking fuzzy or herky jerky, with so many videos to choose from most consumers will not sit through poor audio or poor video.

The better your assets are the better your video will be.

Poor assets create poor video, compression is also a factor.

Knowing how to setup a workflow is half the battle.


Video is hotter than ever

The future is all about TV on the Internet in fact most people get far more information online than they do from traditional publishing sources.

The funny thing is that traditional media sources do not seem to realize this and they appear to be in a position of ignorance.


You can see it in the higher costs of printing new papers.

More than that you can see how many newspapers are now printing smaller editions gone are the days of more than one edition, in fact a lot of printed publications are moving to a less frequent printing format.


When you see these obvious issues in the media spotlight you have to come to the conclusion that everything changes.

With billions of users consuming services digitally only a fool would continue to pump money into traditional advertising this means that everything the media used to enjoy is quickly coming to an end.


What this means is that opportunities to publish videos and create unique value based video content.

Value based video content, can be a gold mine in terms of generating revenue for online business ventures.

Advertising has just about ruined broadcast TV so they came up with DVRs so now you can fast forward past the commercials, and when you look at that you have to say that most of these advertisements are trash because no one wants to watch it.


Even now the broadcast media are actively making the same mistakes they made in traditional media and they do not seem to be able to figure out what they are doing wrong.

They are trying to force people to watch an advertisement before they can view the video they want to watch now this just puzzles me because we know from 30 years of mass communication research that this does not work, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force them to watch an advertisement.

Apparently the news media still think that they can force people to watch bad advertising.


To be honest it will not work, its stupid and its a waste of time and money advertisers will not see an increase in ROI, because forcing someone to watch a video they do not want to watch will result in the opposite effect.

When you tell someone that they cannot see what they want to see unless they watch a Tide commercial, guess what brand they will not buy in the future…

You got it, Tide, now what really confuses me is that these big corporations who all claim to be really smart people cannot figure this out, makes you wonder who they have running these outfits.

Over all I think that unless the traditional cheese heads that used to run the big four dont figure out what they are doing wrong they will be the ones you read about on an ipad at some distant point in the future when other companies have taken over the broadcast industry from these crusty old stale mossy back executive who cannot change the ways that failed to work in the past.


Everything is about to change and that makes it one of the most interesting and valuable opportunities for the internet TV space.



Video communication beyond the ordinary

There are some methods that transcend the ordinary printed word but there are also methods for every person, some people learn better because of visual stimulation others by simply reading the text, its never the same for any room full of people.  Everything changes including a persons mind, but with video you can communicate with a larger group of people than you would normally have access to so with that in mind how do you create that better method of using video to communicate your product or your message…

Video works…


Video online

Developing a video and producing it can be a difficult and challenging thing, however you can create a good video that produces results.

Every day Millions of people watch video online, they watch news that you will not see on the network TV shows, they watch news that you will not see on the local news channels.

It is interesting to see the difference in how people receive news these days, people used to watch the news in the morning and in the afternoon, before that they listened to the radio.


Now things are different.


Now we are no longer dependent on one point of view, for example, I may support one way of thinking, but oppose another, you cannot put me in a box and label me.


News is different now, people can get information about what they want to know, sometimes the press tries to invalidate the news you see online as not valid, but that is just an excuse, an excuse to try to make people believe that everything they see and hear online is not the same as the news you see on TV.


What you should be thinking about now is how you can brand and market your own news channel before it becomes a regulated event, meaning that news channels that are currently established have an edge on those that may want to create news in the future.



What this means is that eventually the way people get their news will change dramatically, this means that you can create news both TV and Radio, this is something that would never have been possible years ago and to be honest there are a lot of good methods of getting involved in news production.


The truth is that about half the time the filtered news you see on TV, is heavily biased, it is often not even worth repeating, influenced by corporate sponsors, and politics.



Amazon for Video

There are so many different ways to provide video content to your website visitors.


You can upload the video to your library…


You can upload it to and embed the video on your website.




You can also upload your video to Amazon and use the cloud service to provide your video to your end users.


While it might be easier to use your own website or even easier Changes are coming in fact they are already in place, where advertising is becoming such a huge part of every youtube video that you might be loosing customers by using youtube.


Want to know more about this growing issue, it has to do with how Google can take ownership of the content you upload, they want to be able to do what ever they can to make money with your content, the main problem with this is that it leaves you sitting out in the cold trying to figure out how you can make a living while Google sits there making billions, your doing the work they get the payoff.


Serving up your own videos, can not only be a rewarding experience
but also it can be profitable too.


Developing effective video products can be a viable business, just look at all the different video platforms out there and you will see how important keeping control and ownership of your video products is more than just a hobby it can make you a monthly income.


Screen videos are one of the most popular learning tools and will be for some time to come.

Learning how to do effective screen video products can really help you in the long run.






Video Advertising

Every Day Millions of people watch a video that number increases as age increases meaning that the older the audience is the more frequently they will watch videos.

Advertising using a video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help your business.

All it takes is one small moment in time at the right time and you could find yourself going Viral, getting millions of hits per day, for several days, it can add up to a good amount of money.

The thing is most people will never get that chance but you can develop a video that will help support your business.

Creative videos can be more productive in the long run than a viral video that means nothing to most visitors.

One of the most powerful examples of Video that at the time was cutting edge can be found below…


Video Marketing

Have you ever taken a few minutes to look at how video can help your business?

800 Million people on average visit

3 Billion Videos (on average) are watched at every day…

You can no longer afford to not be on Youtube marketing your business.


Just have a look at how many Info commercials are on TV and that will let you know just how popular Video actually is.


If they are willing to pay Millions of dollars for one hour of TV programming, then you know it has to be effective the only difference is now with the Internet, you can get your business out there without paying high prices in fact you can even learn how to do it yourself, and yes, its not going to be perfect but that is the beauty of the market.


It does not have to be perfect.


Video Advertising